Oscar Mayer no longer wants you to eat his bacon

Giving up a food as tasty as bacon is a very difficult feat for those who love this caloric (and unhealthy) food above all things . This monumental feat is what Oscar Mayer proposes precisely to his fans. Who are all obviously pro carnivores in a campaign in which the brand dares to launch darts against itself and its products. Challenge has, however, a trick.  Urges his fans to stop eating bacon next November. Which is when World Vegan Day is celebrated, in order to have the opportunity to be supplied with bacon for life

Oscar Mayer will reward those who decide

Oscar industry email list Mayer’s new and daring campaign, named “BacOff” and signed by the agency Johannes Leonardo. Will eliminate bacon from the company’s paid advertising and will pixelate. Make this food disappear in posts published on social networks last year. The brand thus wants to wink at vegans on the occasion of the celebration of their day on November 1. Mayer will reward those who decide to abstain from its irresistible bacon on the occasion of World Vegan Day. And we are talking about a very difficult feat for those who love to put this food between their chest and back. According to research carried out by the Kraft Heinz subsidiary, more than half of vegans abandon their diet to sink their teeth into bacon.

Possibility of receiving a lifetime supply of this food

Those Forex Email List who believe they are truly capable of giving up bacon on November 1 will have the possibility of receiving a lifetime supply of this food by commenting on Oscar Mayer’s posts on Facebook and Instagram or by retweeting the brand’s messages on Twitter , naming two other bacon enthusiasts and using the hashtags #OscarMayerBacOff and #Sweepstakes. New campaign is launched at a time when sales of meat alternative products such as Beyond Meat have plummeted. Kraft Heinz , Oscar Mayer’s parent company, has also embraced veganism in recent times. Eight months after announcing a joint venture with NotCo, Kraft Heinz has recently presented the first products resulting from this alliance: vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise.

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