Oxygen’s strongest point is

 Before we begin the process of filling out our profile, I recommend that you change the language to Spanish, which can be found in my profile > change language: We complete the profile, covering all the data that the tool asks us to provide. Finally, we will continue to request confirmation of our account. This is required to prevent the creation of fake accounts at will. Once we have confirmed the account, we can use all the possibilities of the tool.

Pros and Cons of Oxygen Builder

 Its simple, isnt it? Essential Part Once we have created an account, we should familiarize latest database ourselves with the different parts of the tool to make the most of it. Dashboard The dashboard is the initial page you see when you sign in to your account. In it you will see a summary of the most important things related to your account: the last marketing campaign sent: in this box you will be able to see the following data: Number of recipients. Percentage( open rate) open email.

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Link click percentage( click rate). Subscriber. Your plan. Subscriber growth. Monthly activity statistics. Automation. Form. You will also have a clear call to action in the top right corner to quickly create events. Hosting Bells In this section, you can create, view, and Forex Email List manage marketing campaigns. There are the following types of marketing campaigns you can create: Regular campaigns: These are lifelong email campaigns.

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