Patient monitoring using medical software

For healthcare work, it is essential to have tools aimed at monitoring patients. Both for people who receive long-term treatments, and for patients who come to our clinic punctually, it is important to have a history that is also complet with other records. Clinic Cloud offers you the possibility of working from a digital platform, with personalized profiles and an online patient control process, secure and adapted to your work.

The importance of patient control in a health clinic
The concept of patient monitoring is very broad. The main record is the medical history, a personal file in which the healthcare provider writes down the conclusions of each consultation. This history must reflect all ailments, symptoms and, in general, all data relat to the patient’s health. The objective is to have a personal record, with which we can make decisions in the future and check the effectiveness of each treatment.

Digital solutions for patient monitoring

Regardless of the type of control we carry out in our clinic, digital solutions will always be an appropriate solution. Digital records allow the patient’s private telephone list biz information to be protected, consider of special interest by the Organic Law on Data Protection, as well as by the community legislation that comes to us from the European Union.

Digitizing the records allows them to be adapted to each patient, consulted online from any device with an internet connection and protected from damage and unauthorized changes. Regarding agendas, the possibility of working from the cloud is also an advantage, due to the protection guaranteed by this online support. Both shared and private agendas allow real-time patient control.

Regarding the telematic solutions that a clinic offers to its patients, having digital media is essential.

Reminders and solutions for patients

In addition to the benefits aim at the medical professional, Clinic Cloud also offers solutions for the patient. One of the most useful functions is the appointment reminder by SMS or email. All schedul appointments are record in the agendas, and also generate an automatic notification, as long as the patient is in the clinic’s database.

Alerts for patients are very useful to reduce absenteeism. In this case we use a database with the patient’s contact information to generate a series of alerts bas on established appointments.

Another advantage of Clinic Cloud is the marketing module. In this case the objective will be to contact patients who may be interest in certain promotions, offers, etc. Clinics that offer specific treatments can contact a specific patient profile; this tool allows you to  Forex Email List send personalized mailings based on the interests of each patient.Traditional records require a physical paper medium, therefore a specific storage space is necessary.

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