Politics and Social Media: a Successful Combination

Towards the 2018 political elections: why campaign digitally 2018 election campaign. 2018 political elections the political elections are now close. 7 weeks to go until the fateful date of march 4. 2018 . And the race for nominations in all parties has starte. In short. The die has now almost been cast. But now comes the best part. That is. The electoral campaign begins. And the picture becomes more complicate. Especially for those who face the challenge in single-member constituencies. What to do? How do you organize a winning campaign in a short time? Plan the usual propaganda with traditional means or invest in a modern digital election campaign ? Digital electoral campaign vs traditional means traditional means. 

Facebook and Political Communication

To which until recently there were no alternatives. Are expensive and require various formalities to be use. What do television. Radio. Newspapers. Posters in municipal special data spaces and old holy cards have in common? They have a long manufacturing process too many interlocutors come into play . You can’t control them yourself they are not measurable in terms of . Performance and audience they communicate a generic message . Without distinction to the entire electorate they do not allow you . To identify a micro target they are expensive in relation to the . Results they bring about what advantages does digital generate?

Election Campaign: Communication Strategies on Facebook

Very short intervention times.  Single partner to interact with you can follow and control its development . You can decide the goals easy verification Forex Email List of results thanks.  To analytics you can change the running strategy at any time . Very high cost-benefit ratio are you a candidate in the elections? Start from a digital election campaign in order to organize an effective . And innovative digital electoral campaign. You must rely on a digital meia . Agency competent in online electoral political marketing. We at digital target offer you strategic consultancy for the organization.  Of your online political communication on all web and social meia channels. 

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