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Website. How does the Pinterest algorithm work? Pinterest, like Google, has an algorithm that works like a search engine. That is, it relies on the Pins’ keywords to deliver a result to the user. As Pinterest is a search-oriented social network, just like Google and other search engines, posts involve SEO strategies on Pinterest . Furthermore, we cannot forget that we are dealing with visual social media. Its algorithm analyzes the visual structure of Pins and groups them according to similarity in color, text fonts and images. Therefore, knowing how to use keywords correctly and which Pins are the most engaged is the big secret to being successful on Pinterest . That is, to gain followers on this social media, it is necessary to know the target audience well. That way, you can find.

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Pins. How to grow and gain followers on Pinterest? Advertising The first step is to create boards to save Pins. As mentioned, on Pinterest we can create folders and configure them to be public or secret. When they are public, users can find them in search results and even follow them. When they are secret, only the owner can see them. In the option of public Malaysia Phone Number List folders, we have the collaborative folder. That is, you can add collaborators to it who will be able to add Pins. When you’re new to Pinterest, this is a good opportunity to start growing. That’s because there are folders that are followed by many people. So when someone manages to be a contributor to a popular board, their Pins are more likely to be seen. Finally, be sure to post regularly on Pinterest. Ideally, post at least twice a day.

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Therefore, study your audience well

and plan your posts. Creating Boards on Pinterest When creating boards on Pinterest, enter keywords in the title and description corresponding to the Pins that will be saved there. You can also insert hashtags in the description of the folder to facilitate search results. Use terms like “tips from” and “ideas from” in titles and description. On Pinterest, users often use them to conduct searches. boards on pinterest Boards on Pinterest. Another important factor is the organization of folders Forex Email List Create folders and, if necessary, subfolders to organize the content. Thus, the more organized the folder, the greater the chances of being followed. creating good pins If we are on a social media where the emphasis is on visuals, then we cannot ignore this factor when creating Pins. A good strategy.

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