Recommendations for private clinics in the face of Covid 19

The coronavirus crisis has caused medical centers to have to immediately adapt to a pandemic situation. The recommendations for private clinics against Covid 19 are some recommendations that try to avoid infections in this type of centers, to protect both patients and medical professionals who, on a daily basis, are expos to the virus.

It is more important than ever to work safely, avoiding risk situations. The recommendations for private clinics that we analyze below have been prepar by both public health organizations, both state and regional, and by medical professionals who are experts in pandemics.

Recommendations for private clinics

It is essential to care for all patients with coronavirus symptoms with gloves and a mask. The respiratory tract is the main entry channel for the virus into call lists the body, hence the importance of protecting the nose and mouth. Gloves and a mask allow us to prevent the virus from entering, in the event of first contact.
It is important to disinfect any medical item that has come into contact with a person who has symptoms. The virus is easily spread by contact, elements such as the stethoscope or pulse oximeter can be contagious agents, both for the medical specialist himself and for other patients. To avoid this, it is essential that these elements be suitably sanitiz, completely eliminating the possibility of transferring the virus.
In relation to the previous point, it is very important to sanitize all consultation and medical care areas.  Disinfectant agents manage to eliminate the virus on surfaces.

Medical professionals and their work during the crisis

At Clinic Cloud we join the tribute that people from all over the country pay to medical professionals every day. The situation we are going through has forced many people who work in the health sector to redouble their efforts, in order to reduce the effects of the pandemic caused by Covid 19. In clinics throughout the country, fights against the spread of the coronavirus, based on work that saves thousands of lives every day.

In situations like the one we are experiencing, it is important to recognize the work of people who expose themselves daily to stop infections, and whose work is essential to ending the spread of the virus. At Clinic Cloud we want to join the shows of support for the healthcare workers of our country, once again recognizing their work.
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