Recording expenses and income with Clinic Cloud

The main functions of Clinic Cloud are those that refer to the health control of patients, however, along with these, our medical management software includes other functions, also fundamental for the organization of a health center. Among the financial tools, it is worth highlighting the expense and income registration module, a financial space dedicated to the organization of payments, and which will allow you to analyze the financial status of your clinic at a glance.

The Clinic Cloud expense and income record allows you to write down each of your financial movements, whether referring to payment to professionals or suppliers, as well as each of your income generated by your medical services. The objective is to help you establish a financial control method that allows you to easily record each of the economic movements generated by your company, with the advantage of being able to directly export all this information to your agency, whenever you need it.

Record of expenses for your clinic

Usually, most of the expenses of a health center are motivat by two causes:

Payroll payment: The payment of payroll to telemarketing list providers healthcare personnel, as well as the payroll of non-healthcare personnel who work in our company, will represent a high percentage of our expenses. It is essential to have a tool specializ in controlling salary payments to professionals, which we can also update whenever we need it.
Payments to suppliers: The second major investment that we are going to carry out is payments to suppliers. These payments must also be controll month by month, both for financial management and to determine the available stock of each product.
In addition to these, there are many expenses that a healthcare company may have, and that we must conveniently reflect in an expense and income account.

Balance of expenses and income with Clinic Cloud

One of the main advantages of the Clinic Cloud cashier function is that you do not need an attach management module for your accounts. With Clinic Cloud you can directly send your balance to the management company with which you usually work, without having to modify any record.

Security and privacy in your clinic accounts
When we talk about financial modules, we must take into account that this type of records store confidential information of the company, in fact, each of its economic activities is reflect in this record, therefore, it is a confidential document, which only It concerns the company itself and its managers.
With Clinic Cloud you not only have a manager  Forex Email List tailor to you, you also comply with the Organic Law on Data Protection and the community directives of the European Union, all your financial data is record in the cloud, protect from external attacks.
All of your company’s financial information will be completely protect, and can only be consult by authoriz personnel.

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