Remote medical video consultation module with Clinic Cloud

Medical video consultation is a very effective resource for medical centers. Furthermore, the crisis caused by the coronavirus has caused more and more hospitals and clinics to offer this service.

Having an adapted medical video consultation system allows you to reach anyone, at any time. No matter where the patient is, we can always contact them through a videoconferencing system, with which we can perform a visual evaluation and issue an accurate diagnosis.

What are medical video consultations?
Video consultations, or telematic consultations, are non-face-to-face medical consultations, which are established using digital media, usually through the addition of video and audio technology.

Video consultation due to coronavirus

The situation caused by the coronavirus crisis has caused waiting rooms to become a possible source of contagion. The impossibility of sometimes how to buy phone numbers in bulk maintaining a safe distance and contagion through contact on surfaces that act as a fomite, means that the percentage of video consultations has grown in recent months.

In the fight against coronavirus, video consultation avoids contact and waiting, therefore, it is much safer for people who need medical attention, but are among the at-risk population. Having a medical video consultation system allows a patient to not have to physically arrive at the health center, avoiding infections.

Medical video consultation with Clinic Cloud
With Clinic Cloud you have the possibility of working with a video consultation system whenever you need it. With the Clinic Cloud Mini option you can request the possibility of working with video calls in a separate module, while Clinic Cloud Pro includes the integrated video consultation module.

Clinic Cloud a digital solution aimed at health

There are many rural medical centers that already use digital media to carry out part of their work. At Clinic Cloud we propose a comprehensive solution, with various tools that allow these centers to offer personalized and quality care, even to patients who do not have the possibility of traveling regularly to the health center on which they depend.

Clinic Cloud is a digital software, completely oriented to health centers, regardless of whether they are large urban hospitals, private clinics or rural centers.

With Clinic Cloud you have all types of digital records, fully customizable, that you can adapt to your daily work. From the personal agendas of health professionals to the medical records of each patient, all management is computerized and  Forex Email List protected, based on the requirements of the General Data Protection Law.These data storage modules are completed with different tools, including the possibility of carrying out medical video consultations whenever necessary.

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