Sending clinical documentation and non clinical

When we refer to patient clinical documentation, it is important to take into account their privacy, as well as the security management of this type of information.

It is not only important to comply with the legal protocols established by the laws regarding data protection, it is also important to establish secure channels, available for the sending of clinical documentation whenever it is needed, and which can also be used for the sending of other types. of information related to contact with patients.

At Clinic Cloud we put different ways at your disposal, with which you can contact your patients, send them clinical documents and also establish direct contact channels for other purposes.

The importance of establishing

Data protection in the healthcare sector goes far beyond secure storage, it also addresses the channels used for the exchange of confidential telemarketing list information and contact between the patient and the medical professional.

Just as we use secure storage spaces, in the case of Clinic Cloud, a fully secured cloud system, to which only users with established permissions have access, we must also have reliable means of contact. The encryption of information and having a protected agenda, with which we have the necessary contacts whenever we need them, will be a first step when establishing secure relationships with our patients.

Telephone communication, email and SMS
One of the main tools we regularly use to protect our communications is a database with the contact information of each patient.

Communication of non-clinical documentation

In addition to the information related to the health of each patient, there are also a series of documents that are not directly related to health, but that are important for the day-to-day life of the clinic, and that directly influence patients. .

Marketing-related communication must also be secure and reach specific patients. A specific offer, a change in the clinic, etc., can be notified massively through Clinic Cloud. In fact, you have a specific module to develop marketing tasks, with which you can contact all your patients, or only with those that meet certain conditions.

If you want to improve your loyalty  Forex Email List techniques and have a commercial communication channel in your clinic, with Clinic Cloud you have all the tools you need.

Automatic appointment reminder
One of the most useful features of Clinic Cloud regarding facility-patient communication are appointment reminders.

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