software for different clinical specialties

There are many functions that are common to any type of clinic. Financial solutions, for example, are a control tool that can be applied to any type of health center.

Other common functions are waiting room management or appointment organizer. These and other functions are inherent to any type of medical management, and therefore, they are part of our software in all its versions. What we are looking for is to offer you complete software, with which you can manage and organize the day-to-day life of your clinic, regardless of what your main medical activity is.

However, beyond common organizational procedures, there are medical practices that require specific functions. Most clinics are specializ in a specific health area, and therefore, require other functions that complement the basic tasks.

Program for dental clinics

Dental clinics are those specialized in the oral health of their patients. The main digital solution that these types of clinics are looking for is the telephone number list digital odontogram. All versions of Clinic Cloud include different types of medical records, which can be adapt to the nes of each clinic and patient, however, in the case of dental clinics it is important to have an odontogram, which clearly reflects each treatment, and with which we can check the evolution of each patient.

With Clinic Cloud’s digital odontogram you can keep a personaliz record of each patient, indicating the treatment carried out at each appointment.

Software for physiotherapy clinics
Physiotherapy clinics also develop particular treatments that require specific records, different from those we can use in other clinical specialties.

Software for medical consultation management

Aesthetic clinics also require particular software, in which they can make very specific records, adapted to the trajectory of each patient.

With Clinic Cloud you have personalized anatomical models, in which you can reflect each of the particularities of each patient. These records remain stored in the cloud, and therefore only authorized people have access to this information.

For any medical space, it is essential to have an adapted appointment manager, which allows full control of the times and organization of medical appointments, both in a common way and specifically for each professional. At Clinic Cloud we have  Forex Email List developed an absolutely customizable medical appointment manager, with which you can organize both the agendas and the medical appointments of each professional, reducing the waits of your patients and the errors that can occur with the usual appointment methods.

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