Such as page views and unique visitors

When measuring blog performance. Only 32% of bloggers use analytics for all their posts . Data is such an important part of running a blog. And there are many useful plugins and tools that make the process easier. Key performance metrics. Such as page views and unique visitors. Can be monitor. And you can also optimize your on-page seo by examining any report issues with your posts. Detail analytics can really help any business blogger identify what works well and also where improvements may be ne.


Each new post offers contributors

Just over half of bloggers (58%) said they collaborat with other africa email list websites and influencers on 10-50% of their posts . Collaborations with other influential figures can really improve the authority and trust of your website. It’s critical to engage with other thought leaders in your space and find ways to share ideas and content where appropriate. Each new post offers contributors the opportunity to share ideas with other audiences and attract new business. 24. Long-form content over 3.000 words in length is more likely to be shar than short-form content .


Marketers who prioritize blogging as part

 Short-form posts are a useful way to Forex Email List answer basic customer questions and attract new visitors to your website. But it’s the longer-form content that your audience will likely find most useful. Including additional mia like infographics or videos can give people even more reason to share your posts with others. 25. Marketers who prioritize blogging as part of their campaigns are 13 times more likely to achieve positive roi . This statistic truly represents how valuable blogging can be for your business. Blogs are a good reference point for all other social mia posts and communications across all channels.


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