The advance of telemedicine in psychiatry in the last year

Due to confinements, curfews and, in general, the situation caused by the pandemic, remote medicine has developed new solutions in recent months. Telemedicine in psychiatry is already a fact and has allowed thousands of patients around the world to continue with their therapies, without having to leave their own homes.

At Clinic Cloud we join the solutions aimed at remote medicine, through the development of medical software adaptable to different specialties, which also allows us to digitize all the processes carried out in a medical center.

Telemedicine and psychiatry, an adaptable solution
In general terms, telemedicine is already a common process in practically any health branch, however, in psychiatry it has been very present for a long time, because technology has allowed the establishment of a direct contact channel between the specialist and the patient.

Online security and patient confidentiality

One of the most important points regarding telematic psychiatry consultation has to do with patient security and privacy. Current legislation, both Spanish phone number lists and European, establishes a series of basic security principles in reference to medical consultations. The main objective is to protect the patient and their health information.

In this sense, it is very important to establish secure online contact channels. The platform that doctor and patient use to carry out a psychological consultation must be secure, and remain free of attacks from outsiders. During the consultation, there cannot be outsiders who can collect the patient’s personal information, which is why it is very important to select platforms that offer absolute confidentiality.
Digital prescriptions are another of the possibilities offered by Clinic Cloud, in this case the digital model includes all the information and certificates necessary to validate a prescription, the patient can receive it in different formats, without needing to have it in physical format. traditional.

Software adapted for psychiatric records

At Clinc Cloud we develop solutions adapted for different medical specialties. In the case of psychiatry, you have a history file that you can configure as you prefer, to have personalized follow-up per patient that is totally digital. These online medical records not only contain all the information you need, they can also be consulted from any device with an internet connection, because they are stored in the cloud. Access Clinic Cloud with your password and username and have all your patients’ information whenever you need it.

In the case of specialists in psychiatry, it is important to have specially adapted spaces, oriented to this specialty. At Clinic Cloud we have  Forex Email List developed a solution oriented to your work, so that you have an online platform with which to carry out your work on a daily basis.

If you are looking for digital software that allows you to carry out your work remotely, and also have 100% digital tools in your psychiatry clinic, at Clinic Cloud we offer you all the solutions you need.

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