The analysis of payment methods in a health clinic

Health clinics offer their clients different payment methods, as well as facilities when paying for their treatments. It is essential to have exhaustive control, which allows controlling the payment process at all times, and having updated financial information for each patient.

The analysis of payment methods included in the Clinic Cloud application not only allows you to control the treatments financed, it also provides you with data based on the different payment methods you offer to your patients.

Patient financing control
More and more clinics are offering their patients financing plans to pay for their treatments.

It is very important to have absolute control over the payment plans offered to patients that include the installments paid, outstanding installments, interest calculations, etc., the Clinic Cloud software allows you to manage all your payment plans, and also calculate on time actual payment status for each patient.

Digital financial management for your clinic

For a healthcare company it is very important to organize the different payment methods that it offers to its clients. There are more and more possibilities phone leads for making payments to companies; many of these methods are based on secure digital transfers, which should be managed correctly.

Knowing which clients make their payments in cash, by card, by transfer, through digital payment gateways, etc., allows us to carry out a rigorous balance, providing statistics on the payment methods that our clients are using. At Clinic Cloud we offer you an analysis by payment method with which you can know the total income you generate for each of the payment methods you offer to your patients.

If you want to add a new payment method you can do so easily, in addition, each of the payments you receive is saved in the payment module, therefore, the statistics are generated automatically and are updated in real time.
The financial management of a healthcare company is very important. Beyond the functions that we handle daily, aimed at patient management, it is also important to work with economic data, which allows us to evaluate the financial status of our health company.

Complete management of your clinic in a single application

Having several applications for the economic organization of a clinic can generate management problems. With Clinic Cloud you have a single tool in which you can organize all the income and expenses of your company, using a single software.

One of the advantages of Clinic Cloud is that you have different permissions, with which you can manage who are the people who can access the financial module.

Protecting your patients’ data is important, but it is also important to protect the financial information of your health center, so that only authorized people, including your manager, can access your company’s financial data.

Clinic Cloud, a health software for clinical centers
Unlike other business software managers, Clinic Cloud is especially  Forex Email List aim at health centers and companies relat to the health sector. The specialization of the Clinic Cloud software allows you to have a series of general modules. Common to any type of company, but it also includes other specific options for people who work in healthcare companies.

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