The concept of SAAS software and its application

The SAAS software model is a service where you only pay for the services you use. The use of personalized software is very different from one company to another, a multifunction SAAS software, such as that of Clinic Cloud, is prepared so that any type of health clinic, regardless of its size or activity, can have all the digital tools available. that you need, however, there are always functions that are unnecessary to carry out our work, with the concept of the SAAS program you do not pay for these tools.

Clinic Cloud and the development of SAAS software

Clinic Cloud is a clinical and medical management software, which also includes financial management and marketing modules. Each medical center residential phone numbers has a series of particular nes, due to both its own organization and the medical activity to which it is dedicat. An oral clinic will need a digital odontogram module, while a physiotherapy clinic will work daily with anatomical models. At Clinic Cloud we give you the opportunity to work based on general medical software, which you can expand with the tools what you need in your work.

Beyond exclusively clinical actions, Clinic Cloud also allows you to include financial modules to control cash flows, available stock, recurring payments, payments to suppliers, etc. In addition, you also have, if you need it, marketing functions and contact with your patients, to publicize all the news about your clinic and be closer to your patients when they need you.

Software for specialized clinics

One of the most common problems related to the digital transformation of medical companies was the inability to work with specific tools. Until recently, online diaries, records or basic financial managers were available, however, there were no specific clinical modules for different medical specialties.

At Clinic Cloud we have not only created general clinical management software, we have also developed different tools with specific functions for specialized clinics. With Clinic Cloud you not only work faster by reducing the margin of error, you also secure each of the data that  Forex Email List reaches your network, also complying with the privacy requirements established by state and European laws.

And if that were not enough, you only pay for what you use. If you do not need an accounting module, or you want to add a digital odontogram to your clinic, we will take care of customizing your software.

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