The criteria that are taken into account to evaluate

When this type of classifications appear, it is very important to know the criteria that have been taken into account to establish a classification; depending on the values chosen, the classification can change quite a bit.

In this case, the most recurrent values in the contrasted classifications have been the following.

Patient rights and waiting lists
Both attention to patient rights and waiting lists are two fundamental criteria. Long waiting lists cause chronic diseases, including deaths, due to not providing the required medical service on time.

Access to free healthcare

The percentage of the population with access to quality and free healthcare is also a fundamental condition when establishing a quality criterion cell phone number list related to the public healthcare of a country. Although the medical service provid is excellent, if there is no service that reaches the majority of the population, we cannot speak of quality medical services.
By efficiency we refer to the ability of a public medical service to offer solutions to patients. Normally a series of diseases are establish, which serve as indicators of the general efficiency of a specific health system.
Life expectancy
It is true that life expectancy is not an exclusive reflection of the quality of the health system; there are other factors that also influence the life expectancy of the population. However, it is widely demonstrat that quality health systems ensure population a longer life, as we say, in combination with other factors.

Public investment in healthcare

Public investment in health is also an excellent indicator. In this case we are not talking about total investments, but in percentages, normally in relation to the country’s GDP. In an economic sense, we also usually refer to the cost and health investment per person in a state.

As we said, the variation in criteria can cause the classification to change, however, countries with established quality healthcare will always occupy the first positions, regardless of the criterion followed.

In general, in Spain we tend to be quite  Forex Email List well plac in international rankings, the universal nature of our public healthcare, as well as quality patient care allows us to do so. year after year, to be one of the reference healthcare services at an international level.

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