The importance of working with medical software

The coronavirus has forced us to adapt our way of working, especially in centers dedicated to health. It is important today more than ever to have safe spaces, in which both patients and professionals can feel protected, avoiding contagion. In this sense, working with adapted medical software, which avoids physical contact and also streamlines the clinic’s own tasks, will be essential to maintain safety and hygiene in the clinic.

Clinic Cloud is absolutely customizable medical software, with which we manage to digitize the vast majority of the activities of a health clinic, but we can also avoid many of the activities that can put us at risk, in the event of possible coronavirus contagion.

Avoid coronavirus infections in clinics

Due to the situation created by Covid 19, one of the basic objectives of any medical center today is to prevent a person, whether a patient or staff, who has buy phone leads contracted the virus, from infecting other people, also present. In the clinic, in this sense, it is essential to follow a series of recommendations, including the following:

Use of hydroalcoholic gel and other disinfectant substances.
Respect the safety distance in common spaces.
Disinfection of medical material, or use of disposable material, whenever possible.
Quarantine of all those people who show any type of symptoms.
Carrying out periodic tests and PCR on the people who are part of the clinic.
Technology can be of great help in this sense; through the use of digital platforms we can avoid many of the situations that can put healthcare personnel and patients at risk.

Clinic Cloud as a tool against Covid 19

There are many studies related to the spread of Covid 19 that point to closeness or contact between people as one of the main causes of contagion. In workplaces, especially in medical environments, maintaining this safety distance, which should be at least two meters, can be complicated, and yet it is essential. Thanks to the use of digital platforms, such as the Clinic Cloud software, we can avoid many of the situations that put us at risk.

What we are looking for with this type of solution is for each medical professional to work with their own hardware, be it a tablet, a computer, Smartphone, etc., in this way we avoid having to work with several people with the same device. Furthermore, another advantage against the spread of Covid 19 is that all the information contained in Clinic Cloud  Forex Email List remains in the cloud, and therefore, is accessible to several people at the same time, from different devices, this prevents several people from want to consult the same file, they must do so in the same space, which puts all the people involved at risk.

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