The keys to the standard in medical images

The growing trend towards the digitalization of hospitals, especially in diagnostic imaging, and the need for medical communications, has highlighted the need to standardize communication protocols and healthcare information formats. One of the most successful standards to date is DICOM. It was jointly developed by ACR, NEMA, ESC, ACC, SFR, DRG, AAO, AAD, CAP, JIRA, COOK and more than 25 manufacturers.

What is DICOM format?
DICOM is a standard communication protocol between information systems and at the same time a medical image storage format that appears as a solution to interoperability problems between types of devices.

A medical image by itself does not provide enough information. For it to be correctly interpreted, it must be accompanied by patient and acquisition data. That is why traditional formats such as .jpeg or .png fall short.

The DICOM format has IOD and DIMSE objects, operations that can be performed on an object. IOD and DICOM form SOP, the functional unit of DICOM.

The security of the DICOM format

DICOM allows a unique identification of objects. Each DICOM file has a unique UID made up of several numbers.

DICOM communications adapt to the OSI standard reviews for information exchange. The AE is in charge of communications so that for each service there is a client AE and an application AE.

Thanks to its characteristics and its level of implementation, today DICOM is recogniz worldwide for the management, storage, printing and transmission of medical images.

The security of the DICOM format
The main advantage that DICOM images offer is security compar to other similar systems. One of the bases of DICOM files is the protocol us to encrypt data transfer. This process protects the privacy of the images, as well as any attached files referring to the patient’s health and medical data.

Both European law and Spanish laws establish a series of essential standards to protect personal information. In the case of health information, these protocols must be reinforceto prevent outside or unauthorized personnel from accessing this data.

The importance of DICOM files today

In recent years we have seen how the healthcare system has become digitalized, allowing real-time connectivity between doctor and patient, or between different physically separated medical spaces. However, this new digital protocol has required reinforcement of the security of digital files.

DICOM files have a very important role in the new way of managing healthcare. On the one hand, they allow all types of files to be digitiz, from images to patient-related data, but in addition, the DICOM format facilitates the sending of information between professionals in the sector. healthcare, a process possible thanks to healthcare digitalization.

Clinic Cloud and files in DICOM format
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