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Must subtract the fixed expenses The Link that I told you about above. Now that we have drawn the general picture regarding the average salary in Spain, let’s see what yours could be. What do you offer as an SEO consultant? Pricing your services Well, we have already begun to clear up some unknowns. Now you have to analyze your own services, that is, what you are offering to your clients and how much you are going to charge them for it. Here I want to start by giving you some very important advice that will not only save you time in the future, but will also prevent you from losing money. Before you start budgeting.

The Link we have already begun to clear up some unknowns

The first thing you should do is list your services and the price industry email list of each one. This will allow you to prepare budgets more quickly and be clear about what you are going to charge with each client. Why am I telling you this? Because you should never improvise prices . It is better to ask the client to wait a day or two until you can prepare a budget than to say a random figure and end up banging your head against the wall watching your profitability dilute. I’ll give you an example: a client comes and asks you for.

Random figure and end up banging your head against

A quote for a service that you haven’t done yet, so you don’t have Forex Email List references from previous clients. Out of excitement, in a hurry or due to lack of time, you tell them a price corresponding to 3 hours of work, since you consider that this is how long it will take to execute that service. When you get down to it, it turns out that this job takes you 6 hours. Yes, you just worked 3 hours for free. In addition to avoiding this situation, starting with a ready-made list of your services and your prices will make preparing your budgets as simple as adding the services that the client wants, with the corresponding variables.

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