The most common oral diseases and their usual treatment

The most common oral diseases have specific treatments, which usually manage to heal the affected area. However, it is essential that the medical specialist evaluates the characteristics of each patient and carries out adequate follow-up.

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Dental cavities are the most common oral disease in our country; in fact, in general terms, it is the second most common disease, only behind the common cold.

Cavities begin with a damaged area on the surface of the tooth. This damage creates a tiny opening on the outside, which, if not treated in time, can worsen. Bacteria, continuous intake of sugary products or poor oral hygiene are the most common causes when determining the appearance of oral cavities.

The most common oral diseases

Gingivitis is the second most common oral disease. In this case, the affected area does not reach the tooth, but rather it is the gum that suffers the damage.

When we talk about oral health, we usually buy telemarketing call list relate it exclusively to brushing and hygiene of the teeth, however, other areas such as the gums or tongue are essential to maintain proper hygiene in the mouth.

Gingivitis begins with redness of the gum, which then begins to become noticeably inflamed. It is estimated that up to 60% of people in our country suffer from gingivitis to some degree.

Another unmistakable sign of the appearance of gingivitis is the appearance of bleeding while brushing teeth. Many people think that it is normal for traces of blood to appear regularly during the washing process, but this is not the case, the gum cannot generate traces of blood during cleaning.
Professional treatment and correct daily hygiene are enough to avoid cases of gingivitis, even in advanced degrees.

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Sores are also a very common factor when we talk about oral diseases. Despite being especially annoying, sometimes even painful, it should be not that sores do not present any special danger to a patient’s oral health, although it is always advisable to treat them to encourage their disappearance.

If the mucosa perceives friction, either with the teeth or with an external element, it can be damag, producing a superficial wound, which is when the sore is generat.

A pharmacy product can help repair the affected area, repairing the mucosa in a period of between 24 and 48 hours.
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