The use of Clinic Cloud as a medical CRM in clinics

The use of digital management platforms is widespread in companies in all types of sectors. Tools such as CRM allow you to start from the management of clients, in some cases patients, to organize the company completely from a digital platform. In the case of a medical CRM, what we are looking for is patient management, which at the same time allows us to record each of the data relating to the clinic itself.

The use of Clinic Cloud as a medical CRM is very common in many of the clinics with which we collaborate. The variety of functions included in the Clinic Cloud medical software allows any type of medical center to start working in the cloud for the management of patients, to digitalize many other aspects of the clinic itself over time.

Clinic Cloud Healthcare CRM Features

Currently, health clinics request digital platforms that integrate all the management solutions that are need on a daily basis. At Clinic Cloud we buy phone number list have wanted to respond to these centers through comprehensive software, which goes far beyond the traditional tasks of the clinics. CRM.

Patient management includes personalized medical records, which you can work with immediately, replacing paper records. These records can be consult by several specialists at the same time and are protected based on the General Data Protection Law, and therefore prevent people outside the clinic from having access to confidential information.

Regarding marketing functions, with Clinic Cloud you can create a database with which to directly contact your patients via email, SMS or call, both for health issues and for commercial messages that include offers, advertising campaigns, etc. You will also be able to have a supplier module with which you can place your orders and know, in real time, what your clinic’s warehouse contains at all times.

A digital and secure CRM

You also have a complete personal manager for each of the specialists in your clinic. The organization of agendas and appointments is essential in any clinic, with Clinic Cloud you can organize each of the appointments online, in addition, you have shared agendas for your entire team.

When we analyze a CRM we must take into account the security it offers, at Clinic Cloud we work exclusively in the cloud, without the need for hardware or accessories that could cause security holes. All your clinic information is digitiz and  Forex Email List protect in the cloud, so you can access it at any time, from any device.At Clinic Cloud we implement digital security solutions so that each of the data of your clinic, of the professionals who work with you and of your patients is protect against any situation. If you want to know more, contact Clinic Cloud.

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