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Main functionality is to be an exclusive image search engine. In other words, we can say that it works like Google, however, it delivers images as a search result. To illustrate, on Pinterest, many people look for inspiration on decor, ideas for outfits, recipes, photos, places, etc. For this, they perform a search on the platform, where they find ideas that can help them. Pinterest has always been the place to discover ideas and the inspiration to put them into action, from recipes to beauty tutorials, style and home ideas, and much more. What are Pins? Advertising Pins are ideas that are presented through images. In them we can find visual ideas, or articles from websites, that address the subject that was sought on the platform. That is, Pins are the images published.

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users showcase their ideas visually. Additionally, Pins feature Closeups functionality. This feature makes it possible to zoom in on the Pin and reveal other similar Pins. How does Pinterest work? Advertising As in other social networks, on Pinterest users create profiles. From there, you can create folders where you can save ideas (Pins) in them. Pinterest Lebanon Phone Number List  has a structure much like other social networks. Like Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and TikTok, Pinterest features a news feed, user profile and search engine. In the feed we find a range of displayed Pins. These Pins appear based on the latest searches performed. This way, you can discover new Pins, boards and profiles that you can follow. There is also a tab where we can find Pins published only by profiles that have been.

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Magnifying glass icon we can search for Pins using keywords. In the profile we can manage the created folders. You can create folders, configure privacy levels, highlight folders, etc. In addition to profile information such as website address, description, profile and cover photos. what is pinterest Forex Email List Profile br on Pinterest. In addition, there is the option of Pinterest for business (Pinterest Business). In this case, the profile has access to account statistics and functions that allow you to direct followers outside of Pinterest. Advertising On Pinterest Business, the account owner can validate a channel they want to drive people to. For example, you can add a website to your.

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