This statistic includes all types of blog posts

 Since it’s easy to publish content across different platforms. You can increase your roi by leveraging blog posts across different distribution platforms and bringing traffic back to your website. 26. On average. It takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete a blog post . This statistic includes all types of blog posts. So it’s not a great indicator of how long it takes to write your content. What it shows us is how much time people spend planning. Writing. Iting and distributing their blog content.


Including an image with your blog posts

 Given the significant time commitment. It is asia email list crucial to develop a clear blogging schule and select topics that are highly relevant to your target customers. 27. Including a relevant image with your blog post increases the number of views by 94% compar to a post without an image . Including an image with your blog posts isn’t difficult and can almost double the number of views they receive. With so many posts to scroll through. People are often drawn to an image before they begin reading the title or text of a post.


Email marketing statistics content

 Always format your images correctly to optimize page loading times Forex Email List and make your content easy to view on mobile devices. Email marketing statistics content marketing statistics: 50 content statistics that will make you a better marketer – email marketing statistics 28. Email remains the most popular format for sharing content. With 94% of shoppers using it . Even with so many social mia platforms and messaging applications. Many people still prefer to use email for most of their important communications. When sharing mia. An email is a logical choice because the recipient can read the message when they choose and don’t feel obligat to respond to a text message.


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