Time control software for medical centers

The pandemic and the digitalization needs of medical centers have changed the way the healthcare sector works. More and more clinics are offering teleworking periods, online consultations and other solutions that make the work of health professionals easier, and allow the patient to feel cared for at all times.

The need to record working hours has made it possible to develop new solutions that go beyond traditional analog methods. Remote and online time control software allows all people who work in a health center to record their hours accurately, generating a automatic filing compatible with the current Organic Law on Data Protection, at Clinic Cloud we offer you a digital solution specially adapted to the medical sector, a software that will allow you to have the data related to the control of the working hours of all the people who work in your clinic.

Royal Decree of 2019 on the time control of workers

The Royal Decree of 2019 regarding the control of the hours of work personnel requires the establishment of time control processes, with which cell phone lists the entry and exit of all personnel is record. Regarding the health sector, it will be mandatory to have analog or telematic means with which all people who work in a medical center can record their schedules.

The basic process refers to the personal registration of entry and exit from the job. The recommended process is based on digital solutions, with which a worker can record the beginning and end of their work activity. This type of electronic record not only complies with the Organic Law on Data Protection, it also allows the worker to work remotely. and keep a complete record of your work day.

All records must be kept for at least 4 years.
The records may be consulted by employees and unions.
Employees must know in detail the length of normal working hours.
Unions must know the list of overtime hours worked by employees.

Time control with Clinic Cloud

Clinic Cloud has different registration modules aim at the worker, all of them based on the conditions established by the Organic Law on Data Protection. In the case of day records, the worker has different possibilities with which he can establish a clocking time, both in person and remotely.

The main advantage is that this process is integrat into the complete digitization process of the clinic, therefore a single software integrates all the records necessary for the medical center. All day control data is stor automatically and no user can manipulate it.

In cases where overtime is generat, this time is also count automatically and transferr to the financial module, to accurately calculate the remuneration that each worker must receive.

It is important that this type  Forex Email List of data is completely protect, at clinic Cloud we work in digital spaces in the cloud, without the clinic needing its own hardware, these are completely protect spaces that also generate copies automatically.

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