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Provider: When a company provides services to another company to develop a product or service.

Another way you can work with other businesses to benefit each other is by bundling products or services together to increase sales. By offering one item or service each, sellers and businesses can give consumers more options and drive more interest.

Often, it can be more attractive for a person to receive more than one product or service. So by collaborating with other businesses, you can give them access to other companies’ existing customers without having to develop a new product, so they can come back to you.

Brands Partnering with Social Media

A brand partnership with social media is a type of advertising contract. If it’s within your budget, you can pay a social media organization to share images and information about specific promotions, products, or services to appeal to specific demographics.

Polo Ralph Lauren is a brand that launched a rainbow business phone list clothing line to celebrate sexual minorities and donated the proceeds to the Stonewall Community Foundation .


Join another business

We partnered with Snapchat to promote the program through media outlets by displaying Bitmoji photos and allowing users to use the Ralph Lauren collection for their personas.

Two businesses can work together to create a joint service or product, which can be a beneficial partnership or a partnership recommended by or in conjunction with a media partner . Examples of these common joint service partnerships include:

Merger: When two companies combine their products/services to create something completely new.

White label: When a business leases specialized software Forex Email List or technology to another company to help develop a product or service.

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