Visual anatomical models for medical consultations

Traditional medical records include schematic information written by the medical specialist who has treated the patient, however, the new digital medical records can include all kinds of functions, with which we can visually add information related to the patient’s health. . The visual anatomical models that you can work with with Clinic Cloud are the best example of the advancement of records, and how technology has allowed you to work with more precise information.

What are visual anatomical models?
An anatomical model is a template that graphically shows the standard body of a patient. This digital template allows us to add information related to a patient’s body based on the consultations she has attended.

Through digital storage space, we can indicate any type of diagnosis and treatment, avoiding the lack of space, as happens in paper medical records.

The characteristics of the Clinic Cloud anatomical model

At Clinic Cloud we work to develop simple digital medical tools that are at the same time very complete and can help you in your daily work.

In the case of visual anatomical cold calling scripts for bankers models, you can work with different designs including bone maps, growth models, muscle histories, whole body, etc.

Through the “Specialties” option, you can access different templates, designed so that you can work with the most suitable model for you and your patients. These templates for medical records can be customized, that is, you have a different file for each of your patients, in each file you can begin to record all the medical information of each person, to complete the information related to their medical history.

The template allows you to work with different icons, which indicate the type of information we are going to archive, and the part of the body it is about. The objective of visual anatomical models is to ensure that any issue related to the health of one of our patients is conveniently recorded, and that we can also retrieve it immediately whenever necessary.

Odontogram for dentists Clinic Cloud

When we talk about visual anatomical models, we usually refer to full-body templates, in which different medical specialists record information about their patients’ treatments. However, in addition to general models, there are also specific anatomical templates, one of the most used is the digital odontogram.

Clinic Cloud’s digital odontograms are templates in which we can see, piece by piece, the complete representation of the mouth and its bone structure. Using digital odontograms we can specify each of the treatments that we have carried out on each patient, tooth by tooth.

Dentists usually use paper odontograms, which indicate the treatment carried out on each piece, however this analog method can lead to confusion in some situations. Digital odontograms offer a different support, in which we can include all  Forex Email List types of information without limit of capacity. In addition, the dentist has a specific odontogram profile for each of the patients, from which he can develop the treatments and record its evolution.

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