What are encrypted communications for data security

Data encryption is a security process with which we can protect all types of data that circulate on the Internet. Encrypt communications are mandatory in processes establish by the General Data Protection Law, in the case of medical services, confidential patient information must include an encryption process, which in no case allows people outside the medical center to be able to access confidential information when this information circulates on the Internet.

Most of the information that circulates on the Internet does so without encrypt processes, in most cases it is not necessary, since it is public information, however, when it is confidential information, as is the case with medical data, It is essential to carry out an encryption process.

Why data encryption is important in the healthcare sector

There are sectors that work with confidential patient and client information. The banking sector and the healthcare sector are two key cases phone leads for sale where encrypt communications are essential.

Regarding the health sector, both the national law regarding data protection and various European directives require working with processes that prevent personal data from being consult by outsiders. The objective is that a medical history or diagnosis can be consult exclusively by healthcare personnel.

Regarding digital storage spaces, these can be external servers, such as the cloud, or the clinic’s own hardware, for example its own servers, computers, tablets and other similar devices.

In addition to protecting stor data, it is essential to create secure channels in which information can travel without compromising the patient’s privacy.

What files can be encrypted

Every digital file can be encrypt. This digital security method is not only suitable for text files, we can also encrypt images, videos, and in general, any digital file.
When we evaluate the functions of encrypt communications related to the health sector, we usually think of medical records and files that contain text, usually referring to a patient’s health, however, today we work with diverse graphic material, from digitized x-rays even odontograms. Data encryption also allows you to send an encrypted image file, including video, from the source media to an external server.

Access to files from the cloud
One of the main advantages of working in the cloud is that access to the information it contains is immediate for authorized people. Medical personnel who have  Forex Email List an access code and username can consult any file whenever they need, without having to resort to decryption processes, because the files to which they have access are always visible automatically and immediately.

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