What are the information security protocols

When we browse the Internet, our browser is exchanging data with the different web pages we visit. Sometimes it is data that is shar automatically, such as our IP address or our search history, but other times it is information that we consciously give, such as the credit card in an online store.

The Internet is a network accessible to everyone and therefore the information could be seen by others if it is not protected. The way this information is protected is through security protocols. In this post we explain what the main information security protocols on the Internet are.
What are information security protocols?
Network communication and security protocols are a type of network protocol that ensures the security and integrity of data in transit over a network connection such as the Internet. They are primarily designed to prevent unauthoriz users, applications, services, or devices from accessing network data. This applies to virtually all types of data, regardless of the network medium us.

Computer security protocols allow the transfer of information between computers in a secure way, regardless of the way we use to communicate with other users.

Types of information security protocols

There are different internet protocols, these types of protocols establish different conditions to adapt to the type of information they must secure.
TCP/IP protocol
The TCP/IP protocol is the fundamental phone number list communication protocol of the Internet and consists of two protocols, TCP and IP. The goal is for computers to communicate in a simple way and transmit information over the network.

HTTP protocol
The HTTP protocol is based on transmitting messages over the network. For example, when a user enters the browser, the URL transmits messages over HTTP to the web server that the user requested. The web server then responds and delivers the results for the search criteria you had requested.
FTP protocol. FTP uses a client-server to share files on a remote computer. The way FTP works is like HTTP to send web pages from

Is a network protocol the same as a communication

When we talk about security protocols, we must differentiate between at least two concepts, network and communication. What we know as network protocols are a set of formal norms and standards, which provide us with a frame of reference to act. A network protocol allows acting based on rules that determine the conditions under which two or more servers transfer information securely.

Regarding communication protocols, this is a broader concept; a communication protocol can include spoken language, traffic signs and, in general, any code that serves to express a certain type of information. Therefore, the network protocol is a type of communication protocol specific to the transfer of information on the Internet.

The importance of network protocols in the healthcare sector
Health information is especially protect by laws that refer to personal data. This is confidential information that, under no  Forex Email List circumstances, should be consult by people other than the patient. Internet protocols allow this information to be protect both when it remains stored in the cloud or on a computer, and when it is transferr between servers.

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