What are the most in demand specialties

The most in-demand medical specialties are those with the most requests from doctors who join the health system. In Spain there are a total of 49 medical specialties, not all of them have the same volume of demand from health professionals, this time we are going to analyze which are the most in demand.

How many medical specialties are there in Spain?
A medical specialty is a specific area of medicine. In Spain there are a total of 49 recognized medical specialties, divided between clinical, surgical, medical-surgical and laboratory specialties.

It is possible to train in any of the 49 specialties in the universities of our country, however, not all of them receive the same demand, there are some specialties that receive thousands of applications each year, while there are other areas of health that have problems to cover. the needs of medical professionals.

The most in demand medical specialties in Spain

Currently around 8,000 MIR positions are available in our country, the most in-demand medical specialties are the following.

Family medicine: It is, by far, the most requested medical specialty in Spain. Family medicine is what we usually know as family medicine, that is, a doctor buy phone lists specialized in primary care. In our country, family doctors are the ones who resolve 90% of the consultations that are carried out. Therefore it is also the specialty that demands the most professionals year after year.
It is the second medical specialty with the highest demand in our country, because there are many medical students who direct their studies towards medicine aimed at children.

Internal medicine: Internal medicine is, year after year, one of the most in-demand specialties in the health sector. Internal medicine deals with diseases of the organs, as well as systemic pathologies.
Psychiatry: the fifth most in-demand medical specialty in Spain is psychiatry. Psychiatry does not deal with physical pathologies, like other specialties, but rather tries to intervene on the patient’s psychological level. The specialty of psychiatry is one of those that has grown the most in recent years.

The least demanded specialties in medicine

Unlike the previous specialties, there are areas of medicine that, for various reasons, do not receive a large volume of applications each year. The three specialties with the least demand are the following:

Geriatrics is the medicine specializ in the care of the elderly, clinical pharmacology focuses on the effects of medications on the patient, while immunology. The least in demand specialty in our country, is the medical study of the immune system. These three specialties have traditionally been the ones that have received the fewest applications from students who wish to join the health sector in our country.

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