What is a Content Marketer And Why Your Company Needs One

Chewy, the online purveyor of pet food, toys, and other related items, has created a series of excellent how-to videos on YouTube, covering topics from “How to Teach Your Dog to Go to Bed” to “A Day in the Life of a Pet Rescue”.

The channel, nicknamed “ChewTube” goes a long way toward establishing Chewy as the go-to company for all things pet-related. Many of the videos have more than one million views. Of course, all of the videos include links to where users can purchase related items on Chewy.com.


What makes a good content marketer

You don’t always need dozens or hundreds of unique posts to make an impact.

To be successful as a content marketer, a person needs to first be a great communicator.

Not only will they  Ws Database be communicating with their online audience, but they also need to communicate to team members and freelancers what they want to see in the content.

A content marketer also needs a comprehensive knowledge of the nuances and audiences for each social media platform as well as the company’s buyer personas for each product or service it offers.

Content marketers also need to be familiar with the many different types of content and know where to use each effectively.

Since we’re all “different” in some way and all have been on that stressful interview, it’s a message that’s universal and very relatable, both for businesses and individuals.

Watch “New Beginning” on YouTube:You wouldn’t necessarily think of the venerable “Washington Post” newspaper in the same sentence as Tik Tok.

The “Post’s” Tik Tok videos offer a light and humorous look at history, current events, and politics with links to the newspaper’s website. They must be doing something right. They currently have more than 1.5 million followers.

4. Jake from State Farm
Who isn’t familiar with Jake? The insurance powerhouse, State Farm, has created a likable, relatable “spokesperson” in Jake and promotes this long-running campaign across all of their marketing channels, from cable TV to Facebook.

Jake answers common insurance questions and makes an often-confusing product (auto insurance) easier to understand.

Examples of effective content marketing

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Canva, the Australian graphic design platform, teaches users how to create engaging images without a lot of skill or expensive software. It showcases all of the design possibilities Canva offers in a non-sales, educational format.

The campaign also features the #CanvaDesignChallenge, which offers awards and prizes for the Forex Email List top-five weekly unique and original images submitted by users.

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