What is the percentage of hospital occupancy

In recent months, due to the health crisis caus by the coronavirus or Covid 19, we have used concepts that until now were only us in the technical health sector, one of them is the percentage of hospital occupancy.

Maintaining occupancy rates at adequate levels will allow us to provide the care that our patients need. On the contrary, if the percentage of hospital occupancy begins to intensify, we may have short-term problems.

What is the percentage of hospital occupancy
The percentage of hospital occupancy is the ratio of patients based on the spaces available in the clinic. In a specific example, a health center that has 50 beds for patients and currently has 25 admissions, will have 50% occupancy.

This information is very important, because a health center must have adequate spaces for patients who must undergo treatment in the clinic itself. If occupancy rates begin to approach 100%, the clinic will have a short-term problem.

Occupancy percentage on the agenda

The concept of occupancy percentage can be appli to different health factors. Beyond hospital occupancy and the number of free beds in a hospital or medical list of phone number center, the occupancy percentage can also be appli to the agenda of a healthcare professional.

A person who works in the healthcare sector has a series of obligations towards their patients. It is important that in each of your consultations you have time to diagnose the patient and check their progress. Agendas in digital format are an essential tool, since they not only allow consultation from any device, they also provide us with information, for example, the percentage of occupancy.

The percentage of occupancy on the agenda refers to the time that a healthcare professional has committed, and therefore provides very reliable data regarding the healthcare professional’s available time.

When planning a healthcare worker’s workday, it is important to know the appointments and commitments made, as well as the time available for other tasks. At Clinic Cloud we offer you an agenda with different functions, including calculation of the percentage of healthcare occupancy on the agenda.

Management of a health clinic with Clinic Cloud

With Clinic Cloud you can have a box and room manager, with which you can evaluate the occupancy rate of these spaces in real time. The objective is that you can easily know how many boxes or rooms you have free at any given time and which ones are occupied.

Managing the percentage of hospital occupancy is essential for the organization of a medical center. As we have seen in recent months, it is very important to anticipate hospital occupancy and always have free spaces. Controlling the percentage of hospital occupancy allows you to know the number of patients admitted at a given time, the beds that are free in your medical center and also facilitates the implementation of a strategic plan, in which you can predict the next admissions based on different situations.

In small and medium-sized healthcare centers, the occupancy factor is essential. In a healthcare facility with less than 100 beds, it is very important to control which spaces are occupied and for how long they will be occupied. With Clinic Cloud you can  Forex Email List not only know which rooms are being occupied by your patients, you can also indicate the expected time for the patient’s recovery, and therefore, you can plan the organization of all your healthcare spaces.

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