What is the situation of the Electronic Medical Record in Spain

In our country, the EHR is implement for the first time in Andalusia. It was the Andalusian community that, between 1993 and 1994, carried out the first experience with electronic medical records in Spain. The experience was carri out in three health centers in that community, with the telematic sending of the temporary disability reports….

These pioneering movements laid the basis for the TASS Project, a collaboration project between the Andalusian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to implement the health card in Andalusia.

In 2010, more than 95% of primary care physicians used EHR. That same year, more than 250 million electronic prescriptions had been sent to pharmacies. Communities where electronic prescriptions are used have seen visits to Primary Care doctors reduc by approximately 15%.

Management of electronic medical records

More and more clinics are resorting to the help of digital media to store and manage their patients’ data. The use of medical software allows you to not only phone lists for sale store digital medical records, but also facilitates communication between professionals, allows you to manage technical aspects of the clinic itself and solve management tasks.

Medical software integrates different tools into a single support, however, its main use today is record management.

A person’s digital medical history is confidential information, and therefore must be adequately protect, bas on the state regulations includ in the Organic Law on Data Protection, and also bas on current European regulations. Telematic means allow us to guarantee the privacy of said information, and it can only be consult by the medical professional and the patient themselves, whenever they request it.

Interoperability in HCE the number 1 problem

The main problem encountered with the implementation of the EHR in Spain is interoperability. Each community has its own way of managing medical records, and even within a community each hospital does things its own way. This makes it very difficult to exchange stories, giving rise to situations such as a hospital in Valencia not being able to access the story of a man from Madrid who is spending his holidays there and suffers some mishap.

For example, the authorities have already progressively implemented the oft-promised single health card, which ‘will favor the interconnection of patients’ health data’ and will allow ‘the identification  Forex Email List of patients within the entire Spanish territory. Be that as it may, some keys to the new health model should be prevention, enhancing medical care at home and achieving system interoperability. This last point includes efforts to achieve standardization of the electronic medical record.

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