What is the expect return Well

And if you have the solution in question, but don’t talk about the pain, your company will lose a large part of its sales potential. What is the expect return? What is the expect return Well, so far, we’ve been talking about sales. Create content to generate sales. But it’s not that simple, right? After all, I’m going to create a text, put it on my website and will it increase my sales? So easy? Certainly not. Content marketing is a discipline among several others. A gear. And this is just the tip of the iceberg that explains why this strategy often doesn’t work. More specifically, what return should content marketing deliver? When do we talk about digital marketing? We can simplify it in two points: traffic: visits to your website; conversion: penumber or contacting your company through the website.ople leaving their email, telephone.

Have you ever heard of a store that sells without

Traffic People will look for your pain. And they will find your content. And then they will enter your website. Simple, right? In this case, the objective is to increase visits . Drive people to your channel because your company has the answers. Have you ever heard of a store that sells without anyone entering it? And do you know of any store that sells to everyone who enters it? So it is. Same logic here. Conversion The potential customer heard, thought or discover that your website has the answer. And then he joins your  new data channel. But then his response is bad. The content sucks. And what happens? He doesn’t read. Does not engage. Doesn’t take action. Does not convert. Yes, here you can think of click baits.

There's no point promising and not delivering

There’s no point promising and not delivering. Good content must not only attract, but also convince the potential consumer to take action . Leave an email. To connect. Purchase. In short, what can you expect from a good content marketing strategy? Visits and leads. Content marketing or SEO? Content marketing or SEO? Let’s start, then, to understand where the problem lies. You certainly know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. In short, improve your website to appear in organic search, which is Google’s unpaid search. And how is that done? Constantly working on the 3 pillars of the SEO Strategy , which we define as: website  Forex Email List optimization (spe, mobile operation, suitable code); content production (everything we’ve been talking about so far); gaining backlinks (acquiring links on other websites to yours.

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