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 Access these channels and see what people are saying and what they are complaining about. What are the doubts, pains and anxieties; make the connection with your product. How can he resolve these pains? And why hasn’t it been resolv yet? create your persona . How old? Sex? Interests? Anxieties? How will your company help? Now, start producing content. Fail to understand your audience and you will either attract the wrong people or attract no one at all. 2. Unmapp Keywords Unmapp keywords As we said, we are discussing content marketing in the context of digital marketing. In other words, your interest is to produce material to be index on Google, in organic search , and generate visits.

This will help the search engine understand

And here it is necessary to remember that Google is still a robot . He cannot interpret its content like a human being (although he is evolving more and more). So your company nes to help Google. And the basic principle for doing this is defining keywords. In other words, themes for each of your content. This will help the search engine understand what each of your content is about. And, if he understands, the chance of your site ranking better is greater. Therefore, with your persona mapp, follow some basic steps: define short tail keywords (generic, such as “apartment”); define long tail keywords (specific, such as “apartment for low-income students”); see if the word has search volume (use Google Keyword Planner ); Google it and see the quality of the results; Now set up a content calendar, with each word as the base  Latest database theme for each material. Do this, and your company will come out ahead of most companies that invest in content marketing. 3. Search intent not consider.

Now set up a content calendar

 This is a question that, if we think about it a little, is quite obvious, but is often lost in content marketing strategies. Yes, you determin the persona, and the keyword. And produc the pages that pleas the user the most (time on page, bounce rate , etc.) with the keywords search. This is search intent. Not just the term, but the answer the user wants. Which can be an image, an article, a map, a mathematical calculation, etc. And here, when considering a keyword, you ne to ask yourself: what content does the user want? An image? A text? Let’s take the same example above again: Search volume – results on  Forex Email Lis Google Notice the difference between the search results: collar that doesn’t hurt: in addition to ads, it offers articles. comfortable collar: offers product ads for purchase at the beginning.

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