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 Split Marketing Campaigns: You can create marketing campaigns by conducting tests and send marketing campaigns that get the best results in the tests. Automatically resend marketing campaigns: You can resend marketing campaigns to people who were not opened at the time of the first impact. Activity: You can connect the feed to and send automatic activity when new content is available. In addition, after entering this section, you will be able to see the tab Messages: These are completed activities.

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 Draft: Activities to be sent. Outbox: You can check out the marketing special data campaigns you are sending or planning here. Subscribers In this section, you can manage all content relating to subscribers. You can add, delete and edit them. You can also group them by segment or group, create custom fields to use in a form, and view statistics. In addition, it has a very interesting option called “ clean up inactive” to unsubscribe from subscribers who have not opened an email for at least a month.

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This is very beneficial for keeping our accounts healthy and improving the account opening ratio. Form This section is very interesting because if you have no other way to add forms to your website, you can create them here and use the tool to add them to the code that will be provided for you. For example, if Forex Email List you use, the visual builder form is integrated with. You will be able to select it directly from the widget and link it to the subscriber list. Below I show you how to do this.

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