WordPress REST API and how to apply it in your digital projects

WordPress REST , An API is a set of processes, methods and subroutines that fulfill one or many functions in order to be used by other software (these acronyms come from English and are the acronym for “Application Programming Interface”, in Spanish: “Programming Interface ” ) . of Applications. An API allows us to implement the functions and procedures included in our project without the need to program them again. In programming terms, it is an abstraction layer. In other words, it is an “access key” to functions that we can.

API really for

Today you will learn everything email leads you ever wanted to know about REST API technology! And to explain it to you step by step, I have invited Antonio Torres, who in this guest post will also tell you how you can take advantage of it in your WordPress and all the advantages that this technology has for your website. REST API: what is it, what are its advantages and how is it used in WordPress? Advantages of a Rest API As you may have already understood by now, basically, an API provides a way to establish a connection.


Do you want a simpler example? So, think Forex Email List of it as a USB port. USB ports allow you to connect many types of devices to your computer: printers, control devices, portable hard drives, phones, coffee mug warmers, etc. Through this port, your computer and the device in question can interact with each other, sending data back and forth. An API is something like this, only the exchange is between 2 applications instead of physical devices. In short, what is an API really for? They allow two programs to exchange their data in limited and clearly.

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