The XXIII Yearbook of Spanish Creativity is revealed by the Creative Club

On October 26 at the headquarters of the Creative Club. The XXIII Yearbook of Spanish Creativity was presented, like every year. Therefore, this year those responsible for the design of the book have been the professionals from Studio Banana. With the collaboration of Fedrigoni. Therefore, this book is one of the most important publications in the marketing industry nationwide. Edition XXIII includes some of the best commercial communication projects of 2021. Therefore, these were announced on May 21 at the National Creativity Awards ceremony, at the Kursaal in San Sebastián.

The XXII Yearbook of Creativity

Verónica de la Sierra and Rubén category email list García-Castro spoke about the different challenges they overcame to create the 2022 edition of the Yearbook. Therefore, they point out that they decided to work with a “luminous, broad and impactful concept. Inspiration’. Therefore, the design of this publication works like a camera obscura thanks to the case that protects the 2022 Yearbook. This black case has “a die that lets you intuit, but not see.  Therefore, a real design challenge that contrasts with the colorful cover of a book, which follows the colors of the rainbow.

Innovative way to highlight the metals

This year’s publication is made up Forex Email List of 146 different projects, distributed among the five sections of the contest, Strategy, Ideas, Content. Innovation and Craft. Projects that were registered by 68 companies and carried out for 121 brands. Therefore, the Grand Prize went to the Invaluable food campaign, created by Leo Burnett for Madrid Fusion Foods of Spain . In relation to metals, the designers have presented an innovative way to highlight the metals achieved by each of the 146 projects. “The formula to highlight the awarded projects with metal (bronze, silver or gold) is supported by degraded effects from the inside of the spine of the book. The professionals indicate.

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